The shield is designed to protect the eyes and face from solid particles, splashes of non-corrosive liquids, dust and sparks at ambient temperatures from-30 to + 70 ° C in industrial premises and outdoor areas.

The shield has a colorless impact-resistant, abrasion-resistant screen made of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), has good resistance to aging, a visor of increased size, reliably protects the frontal part of the head.

The shield screen can be installed in 2 positions: working (lowered) and non-working (raised). The NBT-1 shield has a head mount Comfort with smooth size adjustment.

Scope of application: when processing metals using coolants, working in chemical laboratories, with pneumatic and power tools, and other work involving an increased risk of eye and face injuries in various industries.

Technical characteristics:

type of shield NBT-1 (according to DSTU EN 166-2017)

overall dimensions, not less than: height-180mm;

Width-270 mm;

Depth without headrest-160 mm;

Weight-0,400 kg;

The thickness of the front part is 4.00 mm;

Softening temperature + 1100C;

The ignition temperature is + 2600C.