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Reliable protection Current products from Covid 19:

- Respirators

- Gloves

- Face shields

- Lab coats
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Face and
vision protection
У нас очень большой выбор товаров для любого клиента:

— маски сварщика (защищают глаза при газосварке);

— очки разных типов (предназначены при работе в лабораториях, медицине, на предприятиях);

— щитки (необходимы для безопасности лица от мелких стружек, брызг, металла и тд.
спецодежда Special clothing Online store's workwear catalog it includes a diverse range of models for all major areas of activity. Catalog

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Workwear in Kiev with delivery all over Ukraine | Labour protection

"Ohorona praci" is a professional team and many years of experience in selling work clothes of impeccable quality. The range of our company includes hundreds of items of workwear for various purposes: from simple work gloves to complete sets for chemical protection, from corporate ties to elegant uniforms. Any sphere of production, industry or services where work clothes are required are our clients. Hundreds of companies cooperate with us, we value our customers, and therefore we are always engaged in improving the quality of goods and service.

We are engaged in the sale of workwear in Ukraine. Here you will find a wide selection of different uniforms, as well as personal protective equipment, work shoes, care products and other necessary goods that are always in stock.

Workwear as an element of a strong brand

We, like no one else, understand that to run a successful business, it is important not only to produce a popular product or service, but today you need to create recognizable and strong brands, and this is not possible if the company does not have its own face and corporate style. Workwear is designed to create it. A unified corporate style, from the logo to the uniform, not only increases customer loyalty and creates a memorable recognizable image, but also strengthens the team spirit within the company.

Uniforms for companies or businesses can be sewn according to your sketches or specially designed by our designers. We can create a presentable image for your employees or add elegant and memorable details to your corporate style.

Uniforms for medical professionals: comfort and perfection

One of the priority areas of our work is workwear for medical workers. Everyone knows that for people in white coats, their work clothes are as important as medical instruments. Therefore, it has special requirements. Here, the appearance of uniforms, comfort, quality of materials, and the specifics of the cut are important. These factors affect the quality of work and the health of patients and doctors themselves. Such workwear should not contain unnecessary elements, be easily disinfected and have special throughput properties, since it is operated in an infectious environment and should not become a vector of diseases. And this is not the entire list of mandatory conditions for medical workwear. We know the subtleties of various branches of medicine and take into account the different requirements for the form in each of them. The workwear for medical workers that we produce meets the highest standards.

Production and sale of workwear for employees of heavy industry and hazardous industries

There are many industries where not only the comfort, but also the safety of employees depends on working clothes. Workwear for working in various temperature conditions, with combustible or chemical substances should be careless from any point of view, because we are talking about the health and even the lives of employees. Special properties of fabrics, reliability of accessories, quality of seams, faultless cut, comfort in operation – all these are essential qualities that our workwear has. We carefully select materials and carefully test each batch of uniforms. In addition to working sets, we offer for sale personal protective equipment for various purposes. The quality of our production is also evidenced by the fact that most of our customers have been working with us for years.

Uniforms for service companies

The service sector is a highly competitive business area every year, and today customers are making increasingly high demands on service. That is why even economy class businesses should have their own face, not to mention premium salons or restaurants, where uniforms simply have to be upscale. Workwear for service companies from the company & quot; labor Protection & quot; will help Your company to become a level higher than competitors, attract attention and win over visitors with the elegance of the appearance of employees. Stylish uniforms can be selected from the catalog or made to order.

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