Personal protective equipment is used in production, during construction and installation works and household work, as well as in any other cases when it is necessary to prevent or reduce the impact of dangerous or unfavorable factors of production or to protect against contamination.

Hand protection. To protect your hands from mechanical, chemical, temperature and other influences, as well as from contamination, use leggings, mittens and gloves.

Skin protectors protect against paints, oils, fats, acids, salts, and other substances and help prevent the development of certain skin diseases. Available in the form of ointments, pastes and creams

Range of products of LLC “labor Protection” is very wide. We offer you high-quality workwear, medical clothing, work shoes, work tools, as well as a huge selection of personal protective equipment. Our PPE are made of high-quality materials, meet the requirements of GOST, and have a long service life.