Infectious diseases doctor Ilya Akinfiev called respirators more effective personal protective equipment than medical masks. “The respirator fits absolutely completely to the skin surfaces of the face. And the medical mask does not fit in the area of the cheeks and cheekbones, ” the specialist explained. He also said that the respirators are separated according to the protection class. “It is the class of protection that will determine its effectiveness. The first class is protection from dust, and in the case of infectious safety, it is not useful to us in any way. The second and third classes are most suitable for use. The third class of protection is used by medics and rescuers,” Akinfiev explained. In addition, respirators differ in the presence of an exhalation valve. “Without the exhalation valve, the respirator gets wet from the exhaled air in two hours and becomes useless. If there is an exhalation valve, such a respirator can be used for up to eight hours.

According to the instructions, these respirators can be used repeatedly. Just after each use, they must be disinfected by soaking in dezrasvor”, – said Akinfiev and added that the cost of the respirator depends on the availability of the valve.